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Writing by the Water

My Story as an Author

My book writing journey began few years ago when I decided to share my knowledge and experience in Cybersecurity. I have been writing books, articles, short stories, blogs since my college days. As a professional working in the security field, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge on the subject and wanted to pass it on by writing books.

I started my research and began to write, all while continuing to work on security automation projects and keeping up with the latest developments in AI/ML in Cybersecurity. I am proud to say my books have been well-received by the cybersecurity community and I am excited to continue writing and sharing my knowledge.

About My Books

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

My book "AI/ML in Cybersecurity" offers an in-depth look at AI/ML in Cybersecurity, including Generative AI, ChatGPT security, and other cutting-edge technologies. With this guide, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the ways AI/ML can enhance your cybersecurity efforts and protect your business from malicious attacks. You'll also learn how to use AI/ML to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities and proactively address them before they become a problem. With this book, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals.

You can now buy my Book on Amazon Store, links are as below. Do share your feedback on amazon website. Thank you for taking time to read my book. Hope it is helpful!  

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